What’s the Next Step To Secure Your Water Future?

Launch a Global Water Farms Unit. 

How? Partner with Global Water Farms to create your plan for water security.




When you partner with Global Water Farms, Water Is Secured.

You tried other options and wondered… what’s the better way? Just knowing you need water doesn’t solve the shortage. It’s time to introduce Global Water Farms into your operation. 


Whether you represent a municipal water district, agriculture, industry, or oil and gas, we have a solution for you.


Get high quality water and improved environmental conditions that turn challenges into opportunities. 


When you partner with GWF to identify and create a water forecast to meet your unique needs, you are able to scale water supply on demand.

What Does Working With

Global Water Farms

Look Like?


Working with Global Water Farms is simple. Create a water purchase agreement that supplies the water you need now.


Unlike other desalination companies, Global Water Farms, is powered by 100% renewable energy. Salt waste commercially produces a revolutionary building component. 


 Our Zero Liquid Discharge process is able to transform effluent waste streams into monetized revenue streams by creating two products: distilled water and dry salt. 


Along with declining economic growth, a looming environmental crisis, and rising costs associated with meeting increasing demand, we understand the frustration many districts face due to water scarcity. 

No one should have to compete for access to freshwater, which is why Global Water Farms is committed to working with municipal districts to provide ‘new’ high quality water at an acceptable environmental and economic cost.


Access to high-quality water has become a pressing issue, burdening farms with water shortages that threaten the food supply chain. 


Our innovative water solutions are here to revolutionize the way agriculture relates to water in the future. By providing access to distilled water, our technology allows farmers to create a sustainable blended water that meets their target TDS (total dissolved solids) goals. 


In today’s oil and gas landscape, disposal of produced water has emerged as a critical challenge, burdening the industry with escalating risk from environmental, seismic, and insurance related expenses. 


Produced water disposal operations have oil and gas companies facing mounting financial pressures. Global Water Farms is able to scale in order to process any volume of pre-treated produced water which reduces liabilities and costs. 


Whether it’s pharmaceutical production, technology, or food and beverage manufacturing, industries face mounting pressure to acquire ultra pure water that meet stringent purity standards.


With Global Water Farms, industries have access to on-demand ultra pure water (UPW), in order to scale and meet the needs of tomorrow’s advancement. 

What Does Water From 

Global Water Farms 

Look Like?

You’ve tried conservation methods and other technologies to meet your water needs, and they just aren’t enough. Now is the time to revolutionize the way you get water. Here’s how it works:


By using a modular bill of materials (BOM) design, Global Water Farms is able to utilize assembly line manufacturing and repeatable production methods to control unit construction costs. 


Save time and money with units that are able to be constructed and functional within five months, making Global Water Farms the answer to your water needs.  

Environmentally Sustainable

You’ve seen what large reverse osmosis facilities have done to the environment, leaving toxic waste as a byproduct, devastating the environment. With only distilled water and dry salt as byproducts, Global Water Farms is different. 

you asked we answer

Existing approaches to desalination present a number of issues including; extremely high capital investment, high operating costs, and exorbitant energy use. The lack of scalability, the disposal of fouled toxic membranes, as well as the continuous disposal of large volumes of concentrated brine back into the ocean represents an unsustainable solution for the creation of freshwater. Not to mention, reverse osmosis needs to be localized within close proximity to the ocean, and is nearly impossible to accomplish in an inland environment due to the lack of treatment option for the effluent stream. 



Unlike other desalination companies, Global Water Farms is different in that we are efficient, scalable, modular, and environmentally sustainable. The multi-patented system is a low temperature thermal desalination process powered by renewable solar energy, and produces no effluent waste stream. Its units can be installed “off-grid” in remote locations, and it is the most cost-effective desalination system on the market.  

Global Water Farms uses solar radiation to drive the entire process reducing energy costs from the onset.


As with many other desalination plants, there is a hyper-concentration of byproduct remaining post treatment.  However, with our patented technology, Global Water Farms releases no toxic byproducts into the surrounding natural environment. 

In turn, the byproduct produced by Global Water Farms is referred to as Zero-Liquid Discharge. 


At the heart of our patented technology is the use of solar energy to desalinate water. This low energy and lower cost process is done without membranes, without boiling water and generates Zero Liquid Discharge. 


Inputs: sunshine and salty water – Outputs: distilled water and salt. 

Due to the modular nature, the construction time to build a water farm is five months. This system allows water farms to be planned and built quickly to respond to the increased need for water.


To scale faster, mulitple units can be built simultaneously. 


All components are designed to minimize maintenance, including costs and downtime associated with scaling. 

Conservation efforts are not enough as the world’s available resources are currently allocated and under contract for use. 


In order to mitigate current drought conditions that limit water new development, food supply, and personal use, we need to manufacture water efficiently and sustainably. 

Each water farm produces a minimum of one acre feet (AF) of distilled water per day (326,000 gallons or 1,233 cubic meters). That is the equivalent of supplying enough water to two households for a year. 

Every project is unique, please reach out to Global Water Farms to discuss your needs. 

Oasis Zone Development. 



Rising costs for inferior water, along with the potential for running out of water doesn’t have to be the future. 



At Global Water Farms, we envision a future where municipalities, agriculture, and industry all flourish because everyone has access to fresh water, when and where it is needed. Water is not just a luxury it is a universal right. 

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