Minimize Produced Water Exposure For Your Oil and Gas Company By Partnering With Global Water Farms




Most Oil and Gas Companies Struggle to Dispose of Produced Water Because...

  • They are open to legal exposure from current disposal methods
  • They are overburdened by volume of produced water and no where to put it
  • Their current disposal methods are expensive
  • They have limited options due to environmental legislation 
  • They face negative public opinion about environmental effect of produced water disposal
  • They do not have a plan for the salt

When you partner with Global Water Farms you’ll be able to confidently eliminate current produced water disposal methods to reduce environmental costs.

Global Water Farms not only handles the immense quantities of produced water that oil and gas companies seek to recondition, but also offers an economically viable alternative to traditional disposal methods. Our innovative approach ensures that this surplus water is processed efficiently and responsibly without relying on restricted injection sites.


Together, we chart a new course toward a future, where environmental stewardship aligns seamlessly with economic prosperity. 

At Global Water Farms, we understand the pressing need for an eco-conscious approach that doesn’t compromise efficiency or compliance. We specialize in navigating the way produced water is managed. By accepting ownership of produced water, we ensure an environmentally safe disposal method, while reducing O&G companies’ liability risks. 


We understand the stress current produced water disposal methods create, and Global Water Farms offers an environmentally sustainable solution without the need for traditional injection sites. 

The lithium mining industry faces a notable challenge in acquiring ultra-pure water, essential for effectively extracting lithium from mineral deposits while minimizing environmental impact. This requires highly specialized and costly water purification systems.


A practical solution to this challenge is the integration of advanced membrane filtration technology, that mimics the water cycle, which can efficiently purify large volumes of water, ensuring the stringent purity levels needed for lithium extraction and reducing waste water.

How to Secure Your Water Future

1. Start the Conversation

Reach out to us by filling out the contact form on our website to see if Global Water Farms produced water processing service is right for you. 

2. Create Field Strategy 

Seamlessly, we create a plan that will give you everything you need to confidently secure your produced water disposal. 

3. Live Abundantly

Empower a future where produced water is transformed from an environmental hazard to potable water for use in thriving local communities. 

As a Global Water Farms Partner, You'll Get...

  • A solution to your produced water disposal methods 
  • A cost effective source of distilled water
  • A scalable solution that can grow with demand
  • Dedicated team committed to your success
  • Confidence knowing that your legal exposure from produced water is eliminated
  • An environmentally sustainable option

Create a Future Where Your Water is Secure and New Development Thrives

Whether you want an environmentally sustainable solution to dispose of your produced water, or eliminate the ownership all together, Global Water Farms ‘New’ Water will help you get there. 


By partnering with Global Water Farms, you are the future of water. With patented technology, you will be able to meet your water needs and can rest easy knowing that your environmental impact is sustainable. 


Everyday oil and gas companies realize their need to dispose of produced water in an environmentally safe way. 


Armed with a plan, oil and gas companies want to work with Global Water Farms to reimagine produced water disposal methods. 

Global Water Farms is Your Key to a Secure Produced Water Disposal Future.

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