Regenerate Soil With ‘New’ Water For Your Agricultural Water District By Partnering With Global Water Farms




Most Agricultural Water Districts Struggle to Acquire Quality Water Because...

  • They hesitate to reuse field runoff from highly  efficient irrigation technology
  • Their aquifer access is to brine water
  • They struggle to adopt a strategy that combines traditional irrigation with new technology
  • Their cost of water has increased with metering 
  • They are in competition with municipal districts and industry for water resources
  • Their resources are allocated or under contract

When you partner with Global Water Farms you’ll be able to confidently deliver  quality ‘New’ Water to invigorate your soil and secure your water future.

Imagine what is possible when you regain control over your water supply, breathe new life into fallowed lands, and propel your agricultural endeavors towards a sustainable future. 


By using ‘New’ Water by Global Water Farms, you can say goodbye to the limitations imposed by unsuitable water sources and welcome in a reliable, safe, and sustainable water supply that nurtures your agricultural lands. 

Navigate toward a sustainable future. At Global Water Farms, we partner with agricultural water districts to reconcile conservation efforts with the imperative for growth, ensuring environmental preservation while fostering expansion.


We understand the stress drought conditions place on meeting current demand, and Global Water Farms ‘New’ Water offers a drought resistant solution. 

How to Secure Your Water Future

1. Contact Us

Reach out to us by filling out the contact form on our website to see if Global Water Farms ‘New’ Water is the right solution for you. 

2. Plan Your Purchase Agreement

This purchase plan will give you everything you need to confidently secure your water future. 

3. Live Abundantly

With Global Water Farms ‘New’ Water and ongoing support from our team, your business can thrive meeting current and future water demands. 

Working With Global Water Farms t You'll Get...

  • ‘New’ Water when and where you need it
  • Environmentally sustainable option
  • Confidence knowing that your needs are satisfied
  • Dedicated team committed to your success
  • Patented technology where you control your future
  • A drought resistant solution to your water demands

Create a Future Where Your Water is Secure and New Development Thrives

Whether you want to regenerate soil to grow bountiful crops, or to have access to a plentiful water source that is drought resistant, Global Water Farms ‘New’ Water will help you get there. 


By partnering with Global Water Farms, you are the future of water. With patented technology, you will be able to meet your water needs and can rest easy knowing that your water future is secure. 


Everyday agricultural water districts face the need for quality water to wash their salt laden soil and face the strain that is placed on current resources. 


After they’ve used ‘New’ Water to reuse field runoff, agricultural water districts partner with Global Water Farms to restore their soil’s health.

Global Water Farms 'New' Water is Your Key to Healthy Soil

Who is Global Water Farms ‘New’ Water right for?

Ranch Farmers

Whether your operation is big or small, we have a solution for you. You’ll have access to high quality ‘New’ Water when and where ever you need it. 

Corporate Farming

Regardless of what you are growing, or who you are feeding, demand for quality water is constant. Gain confidence knowing that you will be able to meet and exceed the demand. 

Farm Communities

We know the demand for water doesn’t end in the fields. ‘New’ Water is the driving force behind development, fueling innovation, and shaping the health of your community.  

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