Innovative Water Desalination Technology to Meet the Water Scarcity Challenge. 

A Few Words About

Our Philosophy

We believe in solutions that provide positive outcomes to all parties, and we look to partner with those who are committed to this mission with us. We believe that problems can be solved without creating more, and our commitment is to being environmental stewards.


Develop patented and patent-pending technology ready to be deployed to provide water for the American Southwest. 


Reverse desertification and secure a resilient water future by creating Oasis Zone Development. 

Our mission is to deliver potable water in an environmentally sustainable way

... because everyone needs to access life's most valuable resource, everyday.

A Few Words About

Our Team

With a formidable blend of construction and engineering expertise, our leadership team has a passion for innovation. Their knowledge is rooted in hands-on experience overseeing large-scale construction projects and developing groundbreaking engineering solutions.


Global Water Farms originated as a father helping his son with a school science project. The science project modeled the earth’s hydrologic cycle and over the years that followed, the project concepts have been re-thought, refined and augmented and serve as the basis of GWF’s proprietary technology. GWF is a start-up design build company that is raising $12m in its initial seed raise to construct a full-scale Pilot demonstration project on a small portion of 642 acres of company land on the eastern side of the Salton Sea near Bombay Beach, California. A portion of the funds will be used to create R&D prototypes of next phase critical path technology.

Innovation That Evolves

  • Initial design criteria was 75% renewable backed by gas.
  • Developed patent pending technology to increase energy efficiency by 10% from CSP solar.
  • Worked with leading engineering firm to develop a proprietary geothermal well design sized to water farm unit power demand making it 100% renewable energy powered.
  • Research and falling drilling cost led to design amendment from CSP solar to geothermal energy sourcing.
  • Converts effluent stream into a profit stream by making it into salt-based construction blocks designed to replace cement cinder blocks.
  • Modular thermal energy storage system.

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