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With a formidable blend of construction and engineering expertise, our leadership team has a passion for innovation. Their knowledge is rooted in hands-on experience overseeing large-scale construction projects and developing groundbreaking engineering solutions.

Jon Becker

Founder - CEO


Interim CFO

Dan Bliss


Brian Vockel

Lead Engineer


VP of Construction

Wendy Becker


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Jon Becker - Founder & CEO

Jon Becker is the CEO of Global Water Farms, which he founded in 2015.


A construction industry veteran with over 40 years of experience, Jon stands out as a distinguished leader renowned for his exceptional construction expertise, innovative thinking, and unwavering commitment to high-quality standards. His deep understanding of construction methodologies, materials, and processes is a cornerstone of his success, enabling him to address complex construction challenges with ease. Jon’s forward-thinking approach consistently integrates cutting-edge industry trends and technologies into his projects, optimizing processes, reducing costs, and enhancing project efficiency.



Jon’s commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards in every project he undertakes is unwavering. He has a proven track record of delivering outstanding results while ensuring safety. With his extensive experience, innovative mindset, and an unrelenting focus on high-quality standards, Jon continues to make a significant impact in the construction industry.

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Dan Bliss - Chief Sustainability Officer

Dan Bliss joined Global Water Farms in 2021, and is responsible for leading GWF’s effort towards a more environmentally responsible future. In his role, he develops and executes sustainable practices, ensuring that Global Water Farms’ construction projects are aligned with the highest environmental standards and regulations.


Dan is a seasoned professional with a rich background in social and community relations, boasting a career that spans both the public and private sectors. Dan’s impressive track record includes his role as Community and NGO Programs Manager at BP, where he led a transformative change management initiative, streamlining community and environmental investment programs, regional and community relations, and more. His experience is a speaks to his ability to drive impactful change in various roles, making him an exceptional asset in the field of social and community relations.

Brian Vockel - Lead Engineer

Brian Vockel serves as Global Water Farms’ Lead Engineer, and is an integral part of the refinement and design of the patented technology. Among his principle responsibilities, Brian oversees and coordinates engineering projects, demonstrating his exceptional technical expertise and problem-solving skills. Brian has a proven track record in project management, a deep understanding of engineering principles, and drives innovation in Global Water Farms’ projects. 


Brian graduated from the Colorado School of Mines with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and a M.S. in Advanced Energy Systems. With this interdisciplinary educational background, he has learned directly from leading researchers of both a world class university and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. 


Interviewing Candidates- VP of Construction

Wendy Becker - Controller

Wendy Becker has been with Global Water Farms since its formation in 2015 and serves as the Controller. As Controller at Wendy plays a pivotal role in managing the financial operations, and her responsibilities include budgeting, financial forecasting, and ensuring fiscal integrity of construction projects. 

Prior to working at Global Water Farms, Wendy spent more than 35 years in corporate operations and finance, bringing with her a wealth of expertise within the construction industry. She excels in overseeing construction-related inventories, optimizing financial controls, and streamlining logistics within the sector. 

Wendy’s experience has been instrumental in ensuring fiscal responsibility and performance in the companies she has helped run.