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We understand the magnitude of the issue freshwater scarcity creates, and the overwhelming feeling some have about tackling such a large task. We don’t have to let that immobilize us from taking action because Global Water Farms has a solution. 

Like you we care about the future of potable water.


Along with declining economic growth, a looming environmental crisis, and rising costs associated with meeting increasing demand, we understand the frustration many districts face due to water scarcity. 

No one should have to compete for access to freshwater, which is why Global Water Farms is committed to working with municipal districts to provide ‘new’ high quality water at an acceptable environmental and economic cost.


In today’s oil and gas landscape, disposal of produced water has emerged as a critical challenge, burdening the industry with escalating risk from environmental, seismic, and insurance related expenses. 

Produced water disposal operations have oil and gas companies facing mounting financial pressures. Global Water Farms is able to scale in order to process any volume of pre-treated produced water which reduces liabilities and costs. 


Tomorrow’s industries rely on ultra pure water and current supplies are expensive to acquire. With Global Water Farms, industries will have access to ultra pure water. 


Access to irrigation water has become a pressing issue, burdening farms with water shortages that threaten the food supply chain. 


Our innovative water solutions are here to revolutionize the way agriculture relates to water in the future. By providing access to distilled water, our technology allows farmers to create a sustainable blended water that meets their target TDS (total dissolved solids) goals. 

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